Honeymoon Chapter 5

On Wednesday, we still had our itch from the snorkel bug, so we headed to another spot they recommended at the snorkel place, Napili Bay. It was close to our condo, and gorgeous.
We saw another long skinny fish. Tyler loved these guys!
These fish were pretty too

These angel fish (I think?) were all over and so fun to watch! They swam really fast!We then had a close call with our whale watching tour. See, Tyler snorkeled with the car keys in his pocket, and somewhere in the rough surf (which there was quite a bit of in this bay), they came out. Luckily, we got a spare in a little over an hour (and $105 later!), and we made it to our whale watching cruise!
We saw a pod of spinner dolphins! They said they rarely see them!

Then the whales starting jumping, or breaching as they call it. We saw SOOO MANY whales. Two groups of mother/child whales and then a whole group….and they were all being really active and jumping and splashing. It was amazing. Dream come true to see that.

This is us on the boat. Wind in our hair…. 🙂

We wandered around downtown Lahaina and saw Banyan Tree Park. One tree that is a whole city block!
All week, we saw a sign for 1/2 price sushi from 3-6 at a little place on the end of Front Street, Canoe’s. We left the boat and downtown at 3:30 and gave it a try. I had a Mai Tai (it WAS Happy Hour after all!) And we got sushi. We got a California Roll and Spicy Tuna Roll (which was raw…and I tried it!)…and it was sooooo good!

We ate so much sushi and were quite tired from a busy day…so we rented some movies and came back to the condo to enjoy the sunset.
We rented Up in the Air (with George Clooney…it was ok. I fell asleep at the end), but the BEST movie we watched was A Perfect Getaway. Its about honeymooners in Hawaii that get murdered. Scary! And sooo good! It was a thinker thriller, one you have to concentrate on the story and it had great twists and turns. It was fun to watch it. Our condo had a big flat screen TV and surround sound. Then in the background, we heard the waves just outside. Paradise.

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