Honeymoon Chapter 6

On this day, we got up early to eat breakfast then head up Haleakala Crater. We went to a breakfast spot close to our condo (by the rental movie place, so we returned our movies and got some grub). I got a HUGE veggie omelet…And Tyler got his favorite meal of the trip, this GIANT breakfast burrito. It had eggs, beans, cheese, veggies, and more inside. He liked it so much, we went back another morning.
Then we started our trip to the summit. Its about a 3 hour drive from where we were, but we took our time and stopped at all the lookouts, so it took about 3.5 hours. We were so high up! Above the clouds! The road was so curvy, it kept just doubling back over itself. But it was a nice drive, and I had a good driver.
We were up at the summit….over 10,000 feet high! It was so barren up there, but it was beautiful.
This was inside the crater basin. So neat!
Above the clouds!
Then we came back down and went to a luau for dinner at the Sheraton. It was the Kaanapali Black Rock Luau. The sunset was beautiful.
The food was wonderful! It was the kalua pork, cooked underground, Terriyaki steak, fried rice, salads, and yummy desserts.
I got to get onstage and learn to hula.
Professional hula dancers
Tyler got onstage too! They asked for all the newlywed guys to come “get a gift for their wife” The gift was the gift of hula! haha…It was so fun!
They also had a fire twirler! It was great!

It was a fantastic Hawaiian day! I loved the summit of the crater and the luau was one of our favorite meals, the atmosphere was great!

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