Honeymoon Chapter 8

On Friday, we drove the Road to Hana. There are soo many stops you could take, but Tyler’s knee was bothering him, so we were a little choosey at our stops so we didn’t wear him out. My favorite stop was when we turned to go down into this little coastal town and got a giant Hawaiian Shaved Ice! Finally! I’d been wanting one the whole trip, but hadn’t had one until our last full day there!
This was our view while enjoying our goodies!
The Road to Hana is full of waterfalls! This one was just off the road.
We stopped to potty at a state park, and walked a little ways to this beautiful waterfall and pool.
This was our FAVORITE spot! The black sand beach! It was gorgeous!

There were little caves and lava tubes all over. We explored this one!
Then we found a red sand beach. The trail down to it was washed out, but we admired it from above.
We drove a little past Hana to the Seven Sacred Pools (which there are more than 7 and they were never considered sacred! haha). The tide was too high so they wouldn’t let you swim in them.
We drove home along the south coast of the island, which was beautiful (but my camera was on a funny setting, so all the pictures are really blueish)…and then we went to Duke’s for dinner. We had this romantic little corner table with this view…
We finished off our dinner with Hula Pie…the best dessert on the island!
Ty and me after dinner.

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