Hot Springs Family Visit

Hot Springs Family Visit

Our Hot Springs family has moved to a Christian summer camp, where my Aunt worked, but now they also do lots of stuff on-site, being in residence there.

And since they don’t have many campers coming through, it was the perfect opportunity to go visit and take advantage of their camp.

On the way, we stopped to see Uncle Neil. His nursing home is still locked down, but we had a window visit, which was great. We talked on speaker phone and saw him through the window.

We got all checked into our hotel (which side note: Hot Springs had a mask ordinance before the statewide one, so EVERYONE is wearing one. It felt great to see everybody in a mask. That was not the norm before the statewide mandate).

Then we picked up pizza and went to see the fam. We brought cupcakes to celebrate all the cousins birthdays.

Remi went STRAIGHT to Luke. He’s just always her favorite. She was clingy to him the entire time. He puts on, but he tolerates her because he loves her. 🙂

After dinner, we went swimming (which side note: I didn’t bring our suits, so Remi and I swam in our clothes! ha!), then went back to the hotel to sleep.

Saturday morning, we started with a walk around the prayer garden. It’s peaceful and beautiful out there. And Remi, though she protests a hike, loves hitting the trail.

We had a fantastic BBQ lunch and then we started swimming. The night before, we had gone down the big water slide, and Remi went with Tyler. Well, he goes SUPER fast (weight=speed on there), so she was a little startled by the ride.

She faced her fears on Saturday and did it again. We let her work up to it, starting at the last turn a few times, then she decided to go for it with Mimi (who was the smallest and slowest adult). So proud of her for facing her fears!

We did a BUNCH more swimming, too.

After a swim, we hit the snack shack. We had our own snow cone stand at our disposal. I was in heaven!

We all enjoyed riding around the camp- and Remi LOVED being with Luke.

After putting on dry clothes, Remi got a surprise from Auntie. She had saved us an at-home VBS kit, which included this awesome construction dress-up stuff. She had to put it on right away.

On our way home, we took the long way through Little Rock, to go to Trader Joe’s. I’m spoiled to a visit there every few months, and we were running out of our faves at home. I’m thankful we got to stop!

Remi slept from Little Rock to home and then went right to bed. She was worn out from all the fun!

It’s always great to see our family, and when it’s at a fun camp, it can’t be beat!

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