Hot Springs Overnight Trip

Hot Springs Overnight Trip

We took a little overnight getaway to Hot Springs. It’s fun to go visit our family and hit our favorite places that we miss.

We left after work Friday, so we got in for a late dinner. We hit our fave spot on the water, Fisherman’s Wharf. Great as always! Remi loved all the fish on the walls, and she made her fish face all during dinner. She also loved feeding crackers to the ducks outside.


We crashed for bedtime and the next morning, mom went to get us cinnamon rolls from Will’s.  I sent her with a list of 5 (one per person) and she came back with 8. ha! So much for the diet!  We did end up bringing half of them home. They are SO good.


Remi went straight for the middle. Smart girl.


Hotel checkout wasn’t until noon, so we went for a morning swim. Remi was PUMPED. After the swim, we got ready and she took a little nap before we left for the day.


We hit the races (more on that later this week), and then we had dinner at Taco Pronto. It’s a quick service Mexican spot that we just love. It was a family fave growing up.

Then we met our entire family for ice cream at Scoops. Remi was initially so happy when Nene and Carl came, then she yelled “Mimi- your cousins are here!” When Cait and Gavin and Luke showed up. And Auntie and D got big hugs upon their arrival. It was waves of fun as they all got there.


We got home (like 11:30 p.m.) and then the time changed that night, so we were dragging Sunday morning. After church and long naps (thank you!), Remi played at home. She came out like this and said “I’m not Remi, I’m a PRINCESS!  Magic, magic magic” and she would yell spells at us with her wand.


Then at bedtime, she wanted a mommy horse ride, and Pippin jumped up too.  This life is always crazy.


I’m so grateful for family time together!

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