House Hunting

I went this morning to look at another set of apartments.

They were really nice. Like brand-new never lived in nice.

But they were poorly made and poorly designed.

The carpet didn’t look like it was installed well. One edge wasn’t straight and the corners looked funny. Plus, the stairwells were all crooked, talk about a mess to move in and out of! Then the master bath had no bath tub…and I’m a bath tub girl. And the two bedrooms were the exact same size. No real “master bedroom.”

Then I was just thinking, those apartments were kinda like people. Some people look really put together on the outside, they are beautiful and covered in the newest things. But inside they are a mess. Hurts, distresses, and problems all around.

We can’t be fooled by the beautiful exterior and think people have no problems inside. We must look deeper into people and love them and help them through their issues.

But, I won’t be doing that with this apartment. I’m just gonna find another one. haha…guess the metaphor isn’t perfect! 🙂

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