House Updates and Dirt Bikes

We went to the house/land Saturday evening to have a little fun!

Look at the improvements to the house! Siding on the sides of the roof…and they are getting ready to pour the rest of the concrete! And sheetrock/drywall is coming this week too!

This is our shower and potty stall. We wanted a door and a little room for the toilet to “do our business” in private. And the shower is ready, it just needs the marble guy to come cover it! This is the drop down architectural thing in the kitchen. Dad did a great job with this and I can’t wait to see it all covered in drywall.

After we looked around the house, Tyler and the boys had a little fun! They used dad’s dirt piles for jumps!

Our friend Warren (we know him from college…he and Tyler were pledge brothers…and now they live in Greenwood where our new house is!) came to play too! We missed his wife Brooke….but Warren REALLY enjoyed riding around on the dirt bike!

Me and Mikey walked down the hill to the pond and I got this beautiful shot of the house from behind.

Ty also hopped on his uncle’s 4 wheeler and took it for a spin.

Mikey loved having so much room to run!

We had a great time out there! I can’t wait for more evenings like that! And once we have the house finished, when the boys are finished riding, we can all go inside for a yummy dinner and relax! It will be perfect! Its only a matter of time….


  1. Wow the house is really coming along! I don’t know much about building houses but I know the process can get dragged out. So glad your’s isn’t! Do you have an estimated move-in date in mind?

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