House Updates and Spring Break Part 1

So before I left town, I went by our house….and the roof was almost done! (it is finished now…but when I left the house looked like this)

The front of the house….

This is the kitchen all framed and with blackboard on the outside. LOVE my big open kitchen.

Then I headed to Little Rock for SSCA (Southern States Communication Association) conference. I got there a day early to babysit for a woman who is a board member with a 9 month old. This is who I got to spend Wednesday evening and Thursday morning with! Isn’t she a cutie? Glad I only spent about 8 hours with her…or baby fever might have set in!
Then I spent Wednesday with my friend Sarajane…and then presented two papers. I was really proud of my presentations. I thought my research was interesting and well-received by others. It was great.

Then I met Sarajane and Kenley (both pledge sisters and great friends) for dinner before I left town. This was us post-dinner at Olive Garden.
And a nice surprise…when I got home to Hot Springs, my mom had taken my old twin bed, and replaced it with a queen (to make it easier to us when Tyler comes to visit too) and got me this ADORABLE zebra bed set!
We spent yesterday boutique shopping around town. I LOVE what I got…so I might take some pictures and do a virtual fashion show for you! ha! Loving Spring Break! Thankful for a few days of down time.


  1. Y’alls house is coming along so quickly. How exciting!?!

  2. Yeah…my dad is our contractor and he only goes at one speed- fast! We are thankful!

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