How I told Tyler…

Sorry to leave you hanging for so long. But life’s gotten a bit crazy. 🙂

Like I put earlier, I found out I was pregnant when I was home alone on a Saturday and had to wait for him to get off work.

But actually, we met up with him for lunch- so THAT was fun. I had to just pretend like everything was normal. There was no way I was telling him we were having a baby in the middle of his shift at Jimmy John’s.

So he was getting off work at 3 (which usually ends up being later than that)…and mom just said “Stay at our house and Tyler can come over here.” But I had to get him alone to tell him. And I WAS tired, so I said I was going to go home and nap until he got home.

So he got home and I was exhausted- so I was laying in bed.  I had plans of several things. Initially, I wanted to ask him to get something down off of our “Someday Shelf” (a shelf in the guest room where we stashed some baby things) and have the test up there.  But lo and behold, he actually got off work on time and didn’t tell me he was en route home until he was close by! So I had no time. I grabbed the test and hid it under my pillow.

He came home, was talking about his day, and I said “Hey come here. I need you to look at something.”

So he came over to the bedside like “What lady? I need to get out of this uniform” I handed him the test. He looked it over and said “Hm. We’ll see!”  Poor boy only knew that people take TONS of pregnancy tests, so he didn’t think it was legit. He thought we had to take more tests. I kindly told him that false positives aren’t really a thing- and that I was, in fact, pregnant.

He crawled onto the bed next to me where we sort of held each other and talked in disbelief. And I did eventually take that nap. ha!


Next up was telling our moms…

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