How Much is Zumba? Zumba 101

LOTS of folks are asking me about the cost of Zumba. With money being tight, we don’t want to spend too much on something like a fitness program. 
Some people assume that since Zumba has commercials on TV that it is crazy expensive.  Well, honestly, that couldn’t be farther from the truth!  Zumba is pretty accessible, which is why over 12 million people take classes each week!
The cost of Zumba will vary depending on which avenue you take for classes.
If you want to take a live class, prices vary.  You can find classes on and compare costs.  Classes at a gym will usually mean you have to pay the gym membership. I’ve seen some gyms offer “class only” passes for like $15 a month…or my gym has memberships for like $40 a month, including unlimited classes and the use of the whole facility.  However, I also teach classes NOT a gym (at a church) and classes are $5 a class. Very affordable.
Teaching a class! I just LOVE Zumba!
If you want to buy the Zumba DVDs, you can get them at for $59.95.  A pretty great deal for 5 DVDs and a set of weights and a BUNCH of information.
You can also buy Zumba video games ranging from $30-40 from what I’ve seen. 
So as far as “how much is Zumba,” it just depends on which avenue you want to go. But, I do know Zumba tries to be affordable so that the most people possible can experience the fun!

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