How to Find a Zumba Class: Zumba 101

Often times when out and about wearing my Zumbwear, I get asked “where do you teach?”  When I tell them, I often hear “Oh I didn’t know they had Zumba classes there!”  Chances are, you may not know about all the Zumba classes in your area.

If you are wanting to give Zumba a try for the first time, or if you want to try some new (to you) classes, here is how to find a Zumba class.

Step 1: Check’s Class Finder.  Just put in your zip code and a mileage range

It will give you a listing of classes.
If you are interested in class that shows up, just click and read more about the class. 
If no info is listed (some instructors forget to update these pages), then either email or call the facility listed to get details.  I would probably call anyway before attending a new class to make sure all the posted details are correct.  Like I said, sometimes we instructors forget to update these classes.  
For whatever reason, some instructors don’t post their classes.  Also, if you are not a ZIN member, you can’t post your classes.  So if no classes are in your area (or non at convienent times)…here is step to of how to find a Zumba class.
Step 2: Call local gyms.  Yup.  Let your fingers do the talking and hit the phone book (or online phone book).  Look up gyms and athletic facilities and ask about Zumba.
If there are STILL no classes for you…there is one more option.
Step 3: Go to Zumba’s Instructor Locator and put in your zip code. 
You will see instructors in the area. 

You can access their profiles and send them messages asking about their classes or if they know classes in your area. 

Zumba instructors are social and usually have a network built, so we know about each other’s classes most of the time.
So that is how to find a Zumba class.  Or you can just ask the crazy lady in the grocery store who is wearing Zumba gear.  It happens all the time.  And we are always happy to talk about Zumba!
If you are in the River Valley area, come to MY classes!  T/TH Marvin Altman 4:45 and 5:35 p.m. and W at Greenwood Methodist at 6:30!  Check out my Zumba facebook page for more class info!

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