How to Get Pieces You Love from Stitchfix

How to Get Pieces You Love from Stitchfix

One of the pieces of feedback I kept getting from friends at Arkansas Women Bloggers University was “Oh I love your fashion posts!” or “I love when you post outfits to Instagram” or “You always look so cute!”  Well, I’m taking that feedback as I sign that I should share more of my love of fashion here.  I’m not always on top of the latest, greatest trends, but I do enjoy making outfits and shopping (and getting great deals).  I will attempt more “What I wore” type posts (which requires taking pictures of my outfits, ha!), and I will share when I get great deals, so you can too. Today I’m going to hop on the fashion train with a recap of my latest Stitchfix box.  I’ve posted a couple of times before when I got boxes…but not every time (mostly because I didn’t think anyone was interested since I think I just wear cute clothes and don’t do anything extraordinary with fashion). But with this new feedback, I’m going to share more of my fashion.  I love it, and apparently, you love it. So let’s take a look at what came in the mail yesterday.

*This post contains affiliate links, which means if you sign up using my link, I’ll get a little bonus.  I appreciate you doing that if I convinced you to sign up!*

So I just got my 13th box from Stitchfix.  In case you’ve been living under a rock or avoiding the Internet, Stitchfix is a service where you fill out a style profile and they send you a box of clothes to try.  You keep what you want and send the rest back, only paying for what you keep. It’s fun and convenient. It’s great for anyone who either doesn’t want to go shopping, or who wants to find fun new pieces.  I’ve enjoyed my boxes- but they’ve sort of been hit or miss for me.  I usually only like and keep 1-3 items from a box of 5.

However, this most recent box, they nailed it.  Well, almost.  There’s a rogue romper thrown in there.  It’s cute, but my thighs didn’t love it. Since I am finally getting pieces I love, I wanted to share some tips for getting the things you love in your box. I’ve recently done some these three tips, and I feel like the folks at Stitchfix are finally getting what I want.

  1. Pin pin pin! I’ve searched for Stitchfix reviews on Pinterest and pinned items I love.  I leave notes like “would LOVE this” or even “Don’t love this. Please don’t send” so my stylist can reference my Pinterest board. This helps them see exact pieces from their collections that I like.
  2. Write detailed notes. When you request a box, you can leave a note.  Usually, I leave a note like “I’d love longer tops and a dress.”  But lately, I’ve left detailed notes about the events I’d like to be styled for…or what colors I’m looking for. This has helped them really narrow down the pieces they send to fit what I’m looking for.
  3. Update your style profile.  Now that I’m familiar with what they send me, I changed a few things on my style profile. I had selected pretty classic items in the profile (which is more of my style), but I like the pieces they send to be more unique, so I chose an edgier profile. When I had selected a more classic profile, I was getting more plain pieces. I can find those easily on my own. I wanted pieces that had a bit of flair, so I changed my profile to reflect that.

So what did I get in this Stitchfix box? (So some of these pics aren’t the best of me, but I’m sharing them anyway.  I had a fixed lens on my camera since I was taking them all myself with a remote. This lens sort of makes you appear a bit rounder because of the focal length.  Whatever.)

Let’s start with the one dress they sent, which was comfortable and easy to wear. They called it a Pixley Ohara Faux Wrap Tie-Waist Dress.  I did love that the wrap was faux so you didn’t worry about it coming open.  However, I feel like it’s a little bit of a light color for Fall…so while I love the piece, I’m sending it back.

dress stitchfix

The other piece that missed the mark a bit for me was this romper, the Market & Spruce Ralphie Romper. I don’t love my thighs.  Yes, they are strong and powerful, but they are big and lumpy, so I typically avoid showing them off too much.  I do have a romper, but it’s longer than this one.  And I didn’t think the pattern did any favors for me.

I did really love the tie details, which match other tops I had pinned (so I wonder if I got this because I commented on some tie-sleeve tops).

romper stitchfix

They also sent a black cardigan, which was sooooo soft (the Pixley Martina Slub Knit Open Cardigan) but sadly, I have a couple that are very similar, so I’m also sending both of these back. However, I love this style (which is why I already have one like it!). At least they are getting my style right.

romper with cardi stitchfix

I asked for tops I could wear in Vegas that are fun, but also that I could throw a blazer or cardigan over for work and upcoming conferences.

I got this Brixon Ivy Fallon Mixed Print Sleeveless Blouse, and I loved it.  The print is so bright and different.  I styled it with an edgy blazer, and show it without as well. While I don’t love my bare arms (I’m working on part toning them up/part accepting it), I might wear it as a tank if it’s warmer. It also looks great layered. I’m keeping it.

shirt 1 stitchfix with jacket

shirt 1 stitchfix

I also got another cute top, the Skies are Blue Taven V-Neck Blouse.  It’s a navy color with flowers and a geometric design.  I liked the loose fit and the detailing. I also styled it with a blazer, this time in light pink.   While I love this tank, I’m on the fence about keeping it, simply because I’m not sure I need two new tanks to layer (trying to be practical). But I did love this.

shirt 2 stitchfix

shirt2 stitchfix jacket


So those are the pieces they sent me after I did those three tips to hone in my style profile. I finally got great pieces from Stitchfix.  And even though I’m not keeping everything, it’s a major improvement to get pieces I love and having the option of choosing, instead of getting pieces I don’t like at all.

And an insider look. Tyler was playing tennis when I wanted to take these pics, so tripod and remote shutter to the rescue! ha!  I’m sure I looked like a fool in my front yard (by the road!) taking pictures by the barn. Also note my assistant Pippin. ha!



  1. I love playing with Stitch Fix! I love the romper on you with the cardigan. I also love the sleeveless top with the buttons on it. VERY CUTE!

    • Isn’t Stitchfix so fun?! Thanks for the romper love. It just is so anti everything in my being…so I sent it back. ha! I LOVED that sleeveless top, though! It’s in my closet now! 🙂

  2. Love this! I’m going to have to check it out. The 2 sleeveless blouses are my favorites!

    • It’s a fun thing, Mari. It did take them a few boxes to get to know me- but I think these tips would really help a new subscriber. I’ve also read for people to lie about their age (I’m NOT calling you old, but saying put the age down you want to dress like). 🙂 It just helps them send you the right pieces.

  3. I know what you mean about the romper! I always think they look cute on everyone, but I can never seem to buy one and pull it off. They are precious! But, out of my comfort zone.

    I found a boutique online, who was having a summer blowout and they would just blind ship you a few pieces for pretty cheap. I did that last week. It was fun, but now as fun as Stitch Fix.

    • Oooh a surprise box would be fun! I’ve bought costume jewelry that way before- like a pay $10 get two surprise pieces. But I like the option of returning the things that don’t work with Stitchfix.

  4. Brittney, you look beautiful no matter what Stitchfix dresses you in!

    Thanks for the tips. If I ever get brave enough to try Stitchfix, I’ll keep them in mind. (One thing you didn’t mention was affordability. How are the prices?)

    • Hi Suzy- that’s a great question. It’s moderately priced items. Most are in the $30-50ish range. I’ve gotten some dresses that are $70ish. Typically, if I buy all 5 items, it’s around $200. There is a discount for buying all 5 items, which helps.

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