Hula Pie

To make my delicious hula pie that I made for Valentine’s day…follow this simple (I can’t stress simple enough) recipe.We were inspired by the Hula Pie at Duke’s in Hawaii…and I just made it from what I remembered.

Hula Pie

-1 chocolate graham cracker crust…or the chocolate grahams and butter to make your own. I used storebought.
-1 pint vanilla ice cream
-1 pint coffee ice cream (I used Starbucks Java Chip)
-1 bag chopped macadamia nuts from the baking section
-(one recipe I found also called for caramel and chocolate sundae toppings…but I kept it simple and didn’t use them)

Let ice cream sit out for 10 minutes to soften. Should be soft enough to spread easily.

Mix the macadamia nuts into the vanilla ice cream. (add some caramel if you want).

Spread the coffee ice cream in the bottom of the pie crust. (Add a layer of chocolate sauce if you are doing that). Top with the vanilla macadamia nut ice cream.

Let freeze for several hours. Enjoy!

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