Weekend Recap: Part 2 Hunting and Garth

Weekend Recap: Part 2 Hunting and Garth


Our Saturday was a LOOOONG day.  We got up at 4 am…and didn’t get back home until 3 a.m. But it was worth it.

I got up so early to go hunting with Tyler.  It’s not my favorite activity…but he wanted me to go…so I went. 🙂


We took separate cars over to his mom’s (he’s hunting on her land) because he had different things to do afterwards.  I got pulled over on the way there, but thankfully I only got a warning. I just straight up told the officer that I was on my way to my MIL’s to hunt with my husband, and I was trying to catch up because I was a couple minutes behind him. ha!  He let me off.


We sat out in the blind for like 2.5 hours before we saw something.  I did take some naps (and thankfully, it wasn’t too awful cold)…and then we saw three deer!


Tyler went to draw his bow, and it made a squeaking noise when he did…and they got spooked and ran away. But we had a good time anyway. 🙂


After hunting, I stopped by to see Gram, taught a Zumba class, and hurried home to get ready.

At 1:30, we left to head to Little Rock to see GARTH BROOKS.

I feel like I’ve been waiting almost my whole life to see Garth live.  I love his music.  Always have.  And it seems to resurface across all times of my life.  I worked camp and while we drove across the country, we jammed to a Garth box set.  Tyler and I listen to his music on road trips.  We love it.

I went with Brad (Ty’s cousin’s BF), his cousin Kelsey, my MIL, and Tyler.


I also got to see Alden, if only for a few minutes.  Seeing my bestie is always a treat.



We also sat with my friend Rachel and her sister.  She was a HUGE Garth fan too.  We had a great time together.IMG_8215.JPG

Allow me to wax poetic about the concert. I’ve seen a lot of concerts…but this was a top 5 best concert ever for sure.

Garth was a GREAT performer.  And the crowd was on fire.  There were moments where the crowd would yell for over a minute between songs.  He was so humbled and grateful for the crowd response.

We had terrible seats…but the energy and sound were great.

He played for 2.5 hours, with 2 encores. It was ridiculous. He said it had been 23 years since he had been in Arkansas, and he totally made up for lost time. The best part was when he told us that this night is what you dream of when you dream of performing.  So wonderful.

I am taking mom to see him in Tulsa next month and I can’t wait.  I am so lucky that I get to witness this once-in-a-lifetime concert TWICE.


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