I am not a calm movie watcher

Yesterday was a great day at work. I am finally getting the hang of most of the programs, and they are giving me more tasks to do and more responsbility. (cue music from Annie…”I think I’m gonna like it here…”). After work, we decided to eat and see a movie.
We ate Chick-fil-a because we didn’t want to go to a sit-down place and get stuck and miss the movie.
We decided to see Unstoppable, about the runaway train. It was intense.

I was so scared for the characters and into the movie, I watched all balled up and face covered….almost like this! haha!But the movie was really great and we all really liked it. But I found out I am not a calm movie watcher. I get into it and my body obviously responds by tensing up! ha! I felt like I was in the movie! And after we left, I felt as relieved as the characters! Too funny! Anyone else get really into movies?

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