I bought a gift off my own wedding registry!

Well, we got some cash and a check for a gift at a shower. I had told Tyler that I would put it on a Walmart gift card and he could buy “man things” for our home. Well, today I REALLY wanted to make some sweet potato chips, but I couldn’t without a mandolin to evenly cut the potatoes.

So I printed off a 20% coupon and took the cash and headed to Bed Bath and Beyond. I bought a mandolin. http://
But the funny part was, to take it off my registry, I had to have them print it out and everything! So I went in, printed my own registry, and bought something off of it! haha

But I made some sweet potato chips. They are yummy. I have some tweaking to do to the recipe as far as cooking time and technique. Once I get that down, I’ll share it.

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