I Can’t Imagine…

I Can’t Imagine…

Yesterday, at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, two bombs went off, killing several and injuring many.

I can’t imagine.

I can’t imagine being there at the finish line, waiting for a loved one.  Waiting to see them finish the race of a lifetime.  And then life changed forever in an instant.

I can’t imagine having the day off work (because it was a holiday there- Patriot’s Day…mostly for the marathon) and going down to watch the epitome of the human spirit on display.  And then in a second, everything was destroyed.

I can’t imagine training for years, working hard to qualify, and running the race…only to be told you can’t finish because there is no finish line.  So many things changed in a second.

This year, I had friends there.  I have become very close with a sweet girl who lives in Boston.  I was instantly worried about her. (She is ok.  She started the day very upset that she had to work and miss watching the marathon.  But I’m sure now she is thankful for God’s protection over her today).  But her hometown is in a wreck.  Her friends were there.  It isn’t fair that their lives are turned upside down.

I am a runner now.  I will never qualify for Boston, but I know what its like to work hard and give your all on a run.  When I saw that today, I was also very worried about those runners.  I was worried about their disappointments in not finishing.  It is one thing to get injured and not be physically able to finish.  They call that a DNF (Did Not Finish).  It is a “mark” to runners in races.  It means you didn’t finish what you started.  Most of the time, it is because you got injured along the way.  But to DNF because of a senseless act of violence?  That isn’t fair.

It doesnt make sense what happened.  Families are without loved ones.  Momma’s without their babies.  Babies without their mommas.  Friends without their friend.  Wives without their husbands.  And those that survived?  They have lost limbs, seen unimaginable things.

But heros have emerged.  Everyday people who have done heroic things.  The human spirit has shone brightly.  Strangers helping others.  Offering free meals, free lodging.  People are coming together to comfort one another.

But I keep hearing one question. “Why?”

Why did this happen?  Why did someone do this?  Why did God allow this?

This happened because the world is a broken place. I hate when we can so clearly see the work of the Enemy.  Satan came to steal, kill, and destroy.   And yesterday, he most certainly did.  He stole lives.  He killed dreams.  He destroyed bodies and buildings.  He did so much damage.

But I see people turning to God.  People praying.  People feeling God’s peace.  I will never understand why these things happen, but I know that God is still in charge.  God was very saddened by the events yesterday, but He was not surprised.  He is using what Satan meant for harm, for good.  God can turn any situation around. I can’t imagine “Why,” but I know God will redeem this.  It’s just what He does.

One thing I know for sure….we saw a very real battle between good and evil.  While it is scary to watch these things happen, watch people do terrible things, watch people get hurt and die…in this battle, I know who the Victor is. God wins in the end.

I pray that in all this hurt, people turn to God.  He is the ONLY way to make sense and find comfort.

Pray for Boston.  Pray for our country.  Pray for our world.  Pray.


  1. love this <3

  2. Thank you for sharing this! As someone who was born and raised in Massachusetts (and as someone who lived along the marathon route less than a year ago) there were a lot of thoughts spinning in my mine when I heard about this, and even more as people continue to post various reflections on social media. It is conversely refreshing to see all of the good appearing in various places amidst the chaos and the tragedy.

    Students from my alma mater (Boston College) put together an event to walk the last 5 miles of the marathon route in honor of all of those who cannot. They actually had to postpone it because of all of the attention it was getting. The article is here for a more uplifting read: http://www.bcheights.com/news/after-surging-in-popularity-last-5-event-to-be-postponed-1.3029306

    Also a friend from grad school who is blind also ran the marathon for the second time this year, and his reflections on finding “beauty amongst the chaos” are also really uplifting during this sad time: http://bostonblindrunner.com/2013/04/16/beauty-amongst-the-chaos/

    Thank you for this post! I have been on the fence about making my own post about the event but I’m not exactly sure where to go with it.

    • Thanks for the comment, Katy. I can’t wait to read these stories you posted. I encourage you to share whatever is on your heart. There is something therapeutic about writing. It helps to make sense of it all.

  3. Beautifully said, Brittney – thanks for your post!

  4. This is so beautifully written. Thank you for sharing!

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