I Confess…

I’m linking up with A Blonde Ambition for Friday’s Confessions.

I confess…that I’m DAILY checking Hanson.net.  See, I don’t really have time/resources to go to any more concerts.  I wish I could take weeks off work and be a roadie.  But I can’t.  However, I did request a meet and greet for the Lawrence, KS show.  Yes, it’s five hours away and during the work week.  But if I win a meet and greet, I’m totally using a vacation day and going.  You can’t stop me.  So I’m checking on the daily to see if the m&g links are gone.  That means they have emailed the winners of the m&g.

I confess…I’m going to see Rush with Tyler tonight. This is a confession because I could care less about the plot, but I agreed to go because Chris Hemsworth is in it.

I confess…that I may have ordered the Life is Good triathlon shirt I’ve been eyeing.  It was on clearance on Rue La La, and while I haven’t done my tri yet (it’s in November!!), I bought it in anticipation of finishing.  I won’t wear it until after the race.

I confess…that I’m going to see Wicked tomorrow (for the 4th time!) and I’m a little worried about accidentally singing along.  I know every word, so I will have to keep my hand over my mouth in order to not annoy those around me.

I confess…that I didn’t meal plan at all this week.  In fact, we did “on your own” most nights this week as we either weren’t really hungry (resulting in a couple protein shake dinners for me), ate one night at church…or Tyler was gone playing tennis during dinner.  Next week, I’m back to my meal-planning, cooking self.

I confess…I’m really digging this song.


  1. I just started reading the book Wicked! So far, I’m loving it! I would love to go see it someday!

    I love ya girlie!!!

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