I Forgot How…

I Forgot How…

Being a part of this local theater production has been great. The people are fun and nice. They are also UBER talented, which has actually been a little intimidating (would be more, if they weren’t all so welcoming and kind). I am confident in my abilities. I can sing.  I can dance.  I can learn harmony.  I can learn choreography.

However, there are skills I used to have, that I feel like I’ve forgotten.

For example, reading sheet music and picking out choral parts.  Oy vey.  I’m singing mezzo soprano (the middle harmony) and picking up my part from the sheet music has been tough. Thankfully, they are patient and are plinking my notes out on the piano.  But there are others who can just see the music and start singing parts.  I used to be able to do that, but I’ve forgotten how.

And choreography.  I’m GREAT with Zumba music, but as far as someone else teaching me moves, I’m a bit rusty.  We had our first choreography night last night.  And it went easier than sheet music reading…but I am still finding my way back to learning choreo.

And goodness, Adrienne made the dances challenging! Leaps and lifts, oh my!  In fact, the lift she wanted was a fan kick over the back of your partner…and my partner Blake is very tall….and I didn’t think I could do it because he was too tall. So she tried it with him and they both fell – so she changed the move up.  Whew!

Look at this move!  Her and her partner, Eric, are still gonna do it.  But not us!


But I’m getting DOWN with the funky knees!


And I’m rocking the slide.


And the funniest moment was when my new friend Vicki caught me trying this move by myself.  She was dying laughing after she snapped this pic of me dancing alone. 🙂


So this process is humbling me, stretching me, and teaching me (again).  I’m so glad I dove in and tried out.  I’m loving it- hardships and all.


  1. I just giggled to myself when I saw that pic of you dancing alone. The perfect dance move to look like a fool

  2. SO glad you’re having a great time! And the middle part is always the hardest, but sometimes the most important, so rock it out. <3

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