I hate you, reflux

I hate you, reflux


Thank goodness we are past the worst of it now. It was a BAD few days, so I couldn’t talk about it. But thank goodness for medicine and doctors who listen to new mommies.

Around the end of week 2, Remi started being CRAZY. At first, it was at night. Looking back, I think it’s because our nighttime bottles were about .5 ounce bigger than the daytime bottles, and a full belly aggravates reflux. But she started crying inconsolably. FOR HOURS.

At first, daddy got the brunt of it because he took the first night shift. He’s much calmer than me, so he just figured she was fussy.

Me, on the other hand, couldn’t handle it. I had spent one night from like midnight to 4 a.m. doing ANYTHING I could to console her, and it wasn’t working. She was just wailing.

Swaddled, unswaddled, clean diaper, full belly, music on, music off, lights on, lights off, every position and hold. I was googling baby massage, “magic baby soothing techniques”. NOTHING WORKED.

I feared colic (more on that in a minute). Finally at like 4 a.m., I called my mom crying. I sent her a video of the screaming to show her how bad it was. This is a still of that video- arms flailing and just letting it ALL out.


Finally, around like 5 a.m., I got her to sleep. And it’s amazing how calm she sleeps  when my hand crosses over into the co-sleeper and stays on her. I was just thankful for quiet.img_0532

I called the doctor’s office the next morning. The nurse asked me about reflux- which I hadn’t considered at all. She gave me the signs, including mentioning “silent spitting” where you might not spit up, but have it come up into your mouth and swallow it back down (which would be painful).

I didn’t think it was that. The nurse also mentioned colic. She explained that colic is REALLY misunderstood. It’s not gas problems. It’s basically just an inconsolable baby for hours on end. She said they now call it “Purple crying” because so many people think colic is gas. However, we weren’t totally in line with typical colic (happens around the same time of day, usually.  Ours was different times). She offered some calming colic drops to sample, and gave me some advice.

Well, I started watching. And I thought we exhibited some signs of the reflux (arching back after eating, being consoled better when upright, milk in mouth long after eating- which was really spit up, and the crazy crying starting after a bottle). So I called the doctor.

He spent a LOT of time with us and listened to me. He didn’t dismiss me when I said she cried for hours inconsolably. He told us to try some Zantac and see how it went. He also said most babies grow out of reflux in a few months.

Filling the meds was an adventure. She was crying a LOT still, and we were waiting at the Target pharmacy while she was yelling.  Needless to say, they filled our prescription pretty fast and got us out of there!

THANK GOODNESS the medicines have helped. We still have some fussiness, and LOTS of hiccups, which are also a symptom, but she’s MUCH better.

We haven’t had HOURS on end of crying since it started working. It did take a few days to start working, so we probably spent a good 4 or 5 days with a crazy baby. I called mom one other evening when Tyler had to work the next day.  I had been with her from 8 p.m. until midnight and was giving up. I told mom “I think she hates me.” Caitlyn was visiting mom and bless them, they came over and stayed with her while she finished crying until she passed out. The crying just hurts me. Makes ME sick to my stomach. And it’s frustrating to not be able to help your baby. And at some point, you just beg them to stop crying. You bargain with God (If you just stop her crying, I’ll ____). You become ambivalent. I laid her on a blanket in the floor and walked away for a few minutes one night. But thank goodness, it’s better.

I’m glad it’s not colic (which the doctor said was more of a temperament issue than a health issue). While she’s not this super calm chill baby (we are a bit feistier), she’s so much better now that we’ve solved the reflux issues.




  1. Awwww it is hard being a Mommy and not being able to fix whatever is wrong with your baby. Glad you had a Dr. who was willing to listen and things are getting better.

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