I Let the Woman at the Makeup Counter Help Me

I Let the Woman at the Makeup Counter Help Me

So I’m guilty. Guilty of shopping without help.

So many times I just wander the aisles of Sephora or browse the makeup counters. When the sales consultants come up, I give them the polite, “No thanks, I’m good” and go about my business.  I buy makeup, and I’m usually pretty happy with my purchases that I make on my own.

However, last week, I went to the MAC counter for a simple makeup brush (I LOVE their foundation brush) and I needed a new one. Well, while I was there, the girl offered to help. “No thanks, I’m good.”  She let me browse.  I happened to be looking at the eye shadows.  I found one I liked.  She commented, “I love that color, and it’s a great choice. But did you try this one? It’s a favorite of mine for girls with brown eyes.”

And I tried it. And LOVED it.

Then I explained to her I might also be interested in a lipstick. She took me over and started to sell me on a lip liner. “Oh no, I don’t wear lip liner.  Just a lipstick.  Matte, please.”  “Ok, she said…but this liner is GREAT. Stays all day, and you can layer it under your favorite chap stick, gloss, or another color for a lot of looks.”  Turns out I loved it. I love it under gloss. I love it under my nude lipstick.  I love it under my pink lipstick.  I love it under chapstick.  She was right.

Then let’s come back around to the makeup brush. I said I came for a brush I loved. I just needed a replacement. And I did.

But homegirl told me to try a different foundation brush because I might like how it blends better. AND I DO?!

WHAT? It’s seriously the first positive encounter with someone who listens to my needs, but knows their products well enough to suggest something new that I love.

I was so happy.

And I love the stuff she recommended to me.  I had the new stuff on last weekend when I took a selfie, so you can see it.


Moral of the story, let them help you.  Maybe not at the run of the mill places like Ulta (I’m not an Ulta fan AT ALL) but I know at Sephora and at makeup counters, they get training and knowledge in their products and could really help you figure out what to use.

And for your information, I ended up buying these new products:

MAC 159 Brush (yes, it says its a blush brush, but at her recommendation, I LOVE it for foundation)

MAC Motif Eyeshadow

MAC More to Love Pro Longwear Lip Liner

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