I love Amrita Singh!

If you have read my blog for any length of time, you know I love me some Rue La La shopping.  Well, often they have designers who have sucess with their boutiques and return time and time again.
Amrita Singh jewelry is one of those.  And I’m so glad it keeps coming back!  I LOVE it!
I got two pairs of earrings today….
And look at some of the other pieces I passed on (self-restraint is hard, but I am learning.)
Get to Rue La La fast to snatch up great deals on this stuff! Those earrings I bought? Retail: $100 a pair.  I paid $29.  Can’t beat that.  Yes, its a little higher than Forever 21 jewelry, but its good, quality stuff.  I own several items of this jewelry already, and it is stunning in person.
Use my invite to join Rue La La.  Private boutique shopping at a GREAT discount!

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