I love gift cards.

Woohoo! We were so blessed and got so many gift cards as shower and wedding gifts. I already spent a few of them because I love to shop (and who doesn’t love to shop with someone else’s money!).

I went to Target and spent our gift cards on….

Mini muffin pan (which I already used to make sweet cornbread muffins last night…yum!)

A bunch of random utensils….
And the neatest palm veggie brush to clean all our veggies!

I went to BB&B and spent some too! I got…

A roasting pan

A curved shower rod! I can’t wait to put this up!

THE MOST AMAZING KNIFE BLOCK EVER! Its a Kapoosh Universal Knife block…and it has little fibers inside so you can put lots of knives in it. There are no slots, just the fibers, so you can combine different knife sets into one block. Its wonderful!

And a cool frame set. Its 10 black frames of different sizes for 10 bucks.

It was a fun way to spend my morning. 🙂 2 days until we leave for Dallas and 3 days until Hawaii!

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