I Want It All

I Want It All

I spend a lot of time listening to Broadway radio on XM.  I love it.  I not only hear songs from the musicals I know and love, I get to discover new-to-me shows.

One song I heard really resonated with me.  It was the song “I Want It All” from Baby.  Upon further investigation, Baby is a unique show set in the lobby of a OB/GYN (from what I can tell online and from videos) and features several expecting women.  This song talks about the women wanting everything.  And while I don’t have a child yet, I totally feel this sentiment in my life now.

I want to be able to do my job, do my hobbies, spend time with my friends, my family, volunteer, relax….and it’s almost too much to do.  But I want it all.

But alas, like all things in my life, I’m learning to find the balance. Sometimes I have to pick and choose.  I can want it all, but sometimes I can’t do it all.

And that’s ok.


This may seem like a refrain I’ve been repeating, but it’s a lesson I’m continually learning.

I love these lyrics from “I Want it All”

I want it all
I want adventure, love, career, kids large and small
I want it all
I want a quiet simple life and some glory
And Steven Spielberg filming my first story
I want to be Gloria Steinam, Janice Joplin, Annie Hall
I want to be Catherine Hepburn, Connie Chung, Madame de Stae”l
I want to be Mother Teresa, Sally Ride, Lucille Ball
I want it all


So can we have adventure and a quiet simple life?  I think so.  Just not at the exact same time.

I think I can be Mother Teresa and Lucille Ball both.  I like to think so.  I just have to find the balance.

How do you find balance in wanting it all and having (some of) it?


  1. patience.

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