I Wish…

…ice cream had no calories.
…all my friends lived close.
…it was Friday at 4 p.m.
…someone would pay me to watch Bravo all day.
…I could find the perfect pair of jeans.
…there was no such thing as Alzheimer’s.
…I had more vacation time.
…that Matilda the Musical was touring.
…someone would come cook and do my laundry for a couple weeks.
…everyone understood the love God has for them.
…I was brave enough to get the tattoo I want (yes, I sort of want one…but I’m too scared! “Don’t wait for tomorrow” on my foot)
…we could time travel.  I would go back and relive many moments.

What do you wish for?


  1. I wish It was Sunday at 6pm…and I wish I could take time off work to go see Hanson tomorrow – but alas I`m an adult and I can`t just take random time off from my career. 😉

    • Oh I wish I could see Hanson tomorrow too! Is that in Canada? I’m giving 2.5 of my 6 vacation days this year to see Hanson! I need a sugar daddy to pay for my vacations! ha!

  2. I wish I was on a beach right now 🙂 And skinny!..working on the skinny part!

  3. great blog post idea!! loved it!! I’m wishing for the skinny, for the love of running, for Doritos to be nutritious and no heartbreaks for my daughter!

  4. If ice cream had no calories, I think I’d do a happy dance for the rest of my life! I wish I could eat whatever I want and have rockin abs, and I also wish I got paid to lay on the couch. Those might have been slightly ridiculous wishes. Oh well! haha


  5. I wish either I lived near you or you lived here so I could go to your Zumba class…

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