I’m Doing the Whole 30

I’m Doing the Whole 30

So a few months ago, my good friend Rachel did the Whole30.  She was really open about it- when she struggled and wanted bread or a Coke.  However, she lost 11 pounds in her 30 days.  She felt great.

I’ve been doing not-so-great with the food choices lately.  Between Gram’s hospital stay (grabbing whatever we could eat whenever we could eat), funeral food (yay for Southern Baptist pies!), and being at the theater every night and eating crap for dinner….I’m feeling it. Not only the few extra pounds, but also sluggish from eating badly.

Well, I reached out to Rachel to learn more about the Whole30, and we decided to start yesterday.  Our 30 days will end September 1.


Yes, I will have the AWBU conference during then (I can stay strong!). Yes, our cast party will be then.  I’m gonna bring a veggie tray.

I’m hoping to lose some weight, but I’m also hoping to ditch some bad food habits and feel better.

We made it through Day 1. 🙂  I’m logging some food choices on Instagram using the hashtag #rachandbritdothewhole30

And I know I can make it through the 30 days.  Starting next week (when the show is over) I’m gonna add back in the 21 Day Fix workouts 5 days a week too.  That will help with the weight loss part of the goals.

And for those of you who aren’t familiar with the Whole30, it’s eating clean (which unlike what my husband thought…doesn’t mean Biblically clean. ha!  He was confused why I was cooking pork!).  It’s eating protein, veggies and fruit.  No dairy, no grains, no legumes, no sugar.

There is tons of info online at their website.


  1. I hear ya. After Papa passed I realized I’d gained the 10 pounds I lost last summer (and then some). It’s been so hard to get back to healthy eating because I am a stress eater and go right for the comfort food when I feel crummy. And eating junk just makes me feel sluggish and lazy and not want to cook or exercise. I was planning to get on track in July and Nathan and I got sick, and were traveling and helping Mom move. But this month has been better so far. One day at a time.

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