I’m gonna be in the room where it happens!!!

I’m gonna be in the room where it happens!!!

Y’all.  Dreams DO come true.

At the end of the month, mom and I are making our 7th trip to the Big Apple.

Mom wanted so badly to travel while dad is in the excellent care of others (he’s at a rehab home recovering from his surgery)…but she didn’t want to leave him all alone. Thankfully, my sister Paula volunteered to come stay at the house and keep dad company…so we booked our trip!

And y’all.  I can’t express to you how much we LOVE New York.  And while it’s a love I wish my husband shared (he has been with us once…and he didn’t love it), mom and I do share it.  We love the food, the shopping, the shows, the sightseeing.  We love it all.

Mostly, since we love musicals, we are seeing 5 shows while we are there.

And buying one of the tickets brought happy tears to my eyes.

We bought tickets to Hamilton.  Yes, it’s been sold out for a long time…but there are (yes, overpriced, but worth it!) tickets on Ticketmaster.  They are verified and legit…so I splurged and spent all the freelancing money I’ve made for months on two tickets.  And I can’t wait.

We are also seeing The Lion King (mom had to miss it when it toured near us years ago…and what a better place to see it than NYC!), Finding Neverland, and Disaster.  We have time for one more show…but we are trying to decide.  A friend of mine who works in the theater industry told us to see a play called Noises Off.  I really want to see Fun Home (won best musical last year) or maybe Fiddler on the Roof or Something Rotten.  How do we choose?

There’s a song in Hamilton talking about being in the room where Hamilton and Madison made the Compromise of 1790 (I’m not a history buff…but this musical is making me LOVE our founding fathers).  The song says “I wanna be in the room where it happened” and y’all….we’re gonna get to be in the room where it happens! I can’t wait to see the show! Mom needs a break, we love to travel and see shows, and we get to see Hamilton. PERFECTION.


I hope you have a great Friday.  I am. I’m pumped!


  1. How exciting! Have lots of fun!

    • Thanks, Molly! PS. We had a crazy situation come up with my dad (he had emergency surgery and was in the hospital) during Kinky Boots. While we were SO SAD to miss the performance, we were so glad that we had gone to see it in Dallas last year! I know you had teased me when we went to wait for the announcement (which I think was the following Monday, maybe?)…anyway…all that to say, that providence or God or the theater gods worked it out so we saw the show anyway. ha! We are coming to Paula Poundstone tonight…you gonna be there?

  2. I loved something rotten. And you can’t lose with disaster and Kerry butler.

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