I’m So Fancy – NOT!

I’m So Fancy – NOT!

Sometimes I like to pretend that I’m a rich woman living in a mansion.  Like those nights when I’m drinking red wine while in a bubble bath.  But then I get out of the bath early because we are out of hot water, only to find a dog has puked in the floor and it must be cleaned up.  Then I’m brought back down to reality.

Life has a way of doing that, am I right?  Of showing you just how lowly, normal, and humble you must be…and often in funny ways.

Like when I stressed all summer long raking the gravel in our driveway back into place after every rain storm….and now that it’s been snowy and wet for weeks…that driveway is just a big mud puddle.  My gravel shoveling efforts were in vain.

Or how I buy all of these organizational systems- like our Ikea laundry sorter system.  It’s great.  Except we use the top basket for excess snacks (like when we buy in bulk at Sam’s).  Well, the laundry gets to piling up so far that I can’t open the top drawer…and I have to put away laundry before I can open a bag of chips.  Life is making me work for that snack!

Don’t even get me started on the dogs.  I have had a box of “pupcake mix” for a while.  I got it in a sample box for free.  Well, I finally got around to baking it.  I actually baked cupcakes for my dogs.  Mikey won’t eat them. Won’t touch them. Figures.


What crazy things happen in your life to keep you grounded?


  1. I’ll have to think on the crazy things in life that keep me grounded, but I just want to say that I definitely relate to your pretending to be fancy. I think that’s what I love most about being an opera singer–I get to pretend to be fancy all the time!

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