Impromptu Date Night

I love Fridays. I get off work at 4, instead of 5 because I have to be at work on Fridays for the 8 a.m. meeting. So I LOVE Fridays because my day feels so short.

So at 4 when I get off work, I decided to trek across town (actually to the next town up) to try out a local boutique. I got some super cute stuff (a new dress, a shirt, and a hat….pictures to come!). On my way back, I decided to stop at one more store. A-Z is an overstock/factory mistakes store nearby…and they opened a new one up downtown. I LOVE A-Z because you get stuff for cheap that is perfectly fine, maybe just painted the wrong color or something. This new store was mostly a bust (it was junkier than the other A-Z store I love). And when I went to leave the store at 5:15, my car wouldn’t start. Turns out there was an issue with the steering column blocking the ignition, but my wheel was locked and I couldn’t turn it. The guys from the dealership I work at were on their way to get me, but thankfully, a nice man was able to turn my wheel just a 1/4 inch and I was able to start my car. But this fiasco put me leaving downtown at like 5:45.

Well, Tyler’s shop closes at 6, so I just decided to go there instead of going home. And we decided to go on a little date. Normally, for our dates, I enjoy getting dolled up and being girly. But since we were straight from work, I was in my work polo and all sweaty from sitting in my car trying to start it.

But that didn’t matter. What did matter- the food!

We went to Rolando’s- a latin restaurant downtown. I had been once before, but Ty had never been. He was a little leery (he always is of new places, he is afraid the food won’t be good)…but Rolando’s sure did deliver! It was SOOOOO good!

We started off with their homemade guacamole (which rivaled mine!)

And I had some AMAZING shrimp quesadillas. My favorite part? They make these pickled red onions that are soooo yummy on the quesadilla.

Tyler got a sample plate with some shrimp, chicken (covered in the most yummy sauce), a taquito and a quesadilla wedge. Everything on his plate was delish.

To be certain, we will be back again! It is a little pricier than say a Chili’s or Cheddars, but the food is amazing and totally worth it! And the company wasn’t bad either! 😉

Then we just came home and snuggled on the couch watching stuff we had on DVR- an episode of Shark Tank and the movie The Terminal. I fell asleep halfway through The Terminal, so I will have to finish it later. I would say our impromptu date was a success.

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