Impropmtu Double Date

After a long day at work, Tyler and I decided to just go out to eat. We went to our old standy favorite- a local Mexican place called Maria’s (they have THE.BEST.FAJITAS). We walked in and saw Aaron and Jacque! Aaron is an old friend of Tyler and was a groomsman in our wedding!
(this was the two of them looking spiffy at our wedding…aren’t they so cute?)They had just ordered, so we joined them and had an impromptu double date! It was so great to spend time with them. I have gotten to spend so little time with them because since Tyler and I met, we were at OBU, then in Fayetteville…so time with the hometown folks is few and far between. So dinner and catching up was fabulous! They are both so sweet…and Jacque is from Peru, so its fun to hear about her culture too! When we move next year back to Ty’s hometown, we will all go to church together, and spend much more time together I’m sure!

Friends are blessings for sure.

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