“In case you see it on the news…”

“In case you see it on the news…”

Earlier this week I got a text message.

“In case u c it on the news I was just in a pursuit and got hit head on by the suspect. I am fine. No need to leave work.”

Say what?!

I immediately asked if he was going to the hospital. How “fine” are you?

He said yes, he was headed to the hospital and told me which one.

So I called.  And I talked to my husband while he was in the back of the ambulance. And my heart raced and my throat got tight. He did sound ok. But I know with situations like a car accident, especially one with adrenaline rushing like a car chase, he may not feel the extent of his injuries for a while.

Thankfully, he is ok.

Thankfully, he saw the guy coming and was able to shield his face from the airbag with his arm (a la The Blind Side), so his arm is pretty chewed up.  It’s burnt, it’s been ripped open, and it’s swollen and sore. But he’s ok.

I did let him get settled into the hospital down the street and I left work to check on him.  He had protocols and paperwork to do after he was discharged from the hospital (since he was ok), so I filled his prescriptions and went back to work. He’s sore, but he’s ok.

And I’m thankful.

2016-07-13 09_15_35-4029news (@4029news) _ Twitter

*photo of the accident is from 40/29 News*


  1. So glad he is ok! <3 Was thinking about you all when I heard the news in LA yesterday!

    • Thanks, Lisa. We’re glad he’s ok too! The news is a hard spot right now. I’ve been doing lots of thinking and praying for other police families!

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