Incredible Family Time


We had a lot of fun family time this weekend!

We started with spending time with cousin Caitlyn on Friday. She’s here for college, and while we’ve seen her a lot when she’s been with my mom, we haven’t just made plans with her. So we changed that. We met her at the park and played until dinner.  Love these two girls! Caitlyn was born when I was 13, so I have such nostalgia sometimes when we are with her and Remi- thinking about her at that age.


The park has a big pond and some ducks that love to be fed (along with some geese that bully the ducks…Remi was VERY into yelling at the bullies). Mom brought saltines and we fed them a bunch of crackers. Remi was brave, letting them take it out of her hand.


That evening, we had dinner at Texas Roadhouse, and our little dancer got in on the action!  She went with our server and line danced in front of everyone. She’s so brave!

Saturday morning, she did her makeup. Ha!  She washes it off almost immediately after, but she has fun playing in it.


Then we did her Curious George puzzle. She’s so into this right now- doing all the edges, finding the corners, and figuring it out all by herself.


Then we drove to Poteau to see cousin Hattie!  Her momma owns a little shop, so we stopped by to play for a while. Hattie’s getting so big- crawling around and playing more. Remi LOVED playing with her.


And she read her a book, too!  Such a sweet friendship forming.


We went to our favorite taco spot for lunch, where Remi showed us her fish face with every drink of water. Silly goose.


Then, she was ECSTATIC (a word she’s learning thanks to a new book), about her sand box. It was warm (and I think most of our freezing days are behind us), so we decided to set it up. I bought it used on Facebook Marketplace, and daddy got the sand put inside of it. She LOVES to dig in the sand. She was SO pumped that it was set up to play in!


I’m so thankful for weekends like this where we spend lots of time together. We may have done a lot, but there were no “plans” really. It’s a nice change of pace. I’m usually a planner and a do-er, so it’s nice to have some downtime, too.

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