Independence Day

We had big plans for the weekend. First off, we headed to Tyler’s hometown of Greenwood for Freedom Fest. He had a booth. (It rained all morning, so we didn’t get there until around 3…but we had a great afternoon).
We had BBQ, funnel cakes, and heard some great live music.
Then there were fireworks. There was so much smoke because it was so humid outside. The smoke just hung in the air. See?
Then on the actual 4th, we slept in, went shopping, and got some fireworks. Exhibit A: my pyro husband is so excited to light things on fire.
We had some beautiful fountains. There were also people all around us setting off beautiful displays. And the weather was AWESOME. It was a perfect night.
Tyler does not practice proper fireworks safety. He shoots bottle rockets from his hands.
I love sparklers. Like, I must have sparklers every 4th of July or I cry (just ask my mom about that one year….). I got some really long ones that changed colors and they were so fun!

We had a wonderful weekend being together and are so thankful for the freedoms given to us by our country and our God. We are so blessed here and I am so thankful.

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