It’s Ok Thursday #2

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It’s ok…
…to be totally enamored with my new haircut.
…to love hearing people compliment me on the above haircut. 🙂 (Cue the singing. “You’re so vain…”)
…to be SO FREAKING EXCITED about spending a weekend with my best friend.
…to be ok with my slow weight loss.  A half pound is a half pound gone!  I’ll take it! I’ve lost 5 since coming back from our cruise. Downward slope, baby!
…to be loving this extra time I’m going to get with Tyler now that the shop is closed.  We can actually spend a whole weekend together. Well, not this weekend because Alden has that on lockdown.  But next weekend, it’s all me and him. 🙂
…to unashamedly love Duck Dynasty. Last night’s episode was gold. And Si is just too much for words.
 Happy Thursday y’all.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new haircut! I think it looks great!! Is it easy to style/maintain?

    • Thank you! I mean, this morning was the first styling…and it took no time at all. Just dry, straighten/fix a few pieces, add some wax, and spray. Super easy.

  2. I love your new haircut! seriously, make me want to get mine all chopped off, like right now. idk if i can wait any longer for the weather to get warm. but seriously, though, it looks so good and really makes your eyes pop!

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the hair!!! I mean for reals!!!!!!
    Loving me some DD too!

  4. Yup, you and your cute hair are FABulous!!! And great job on the weight loss, sista! It starts coming off sooo sllloooowww once you get closer to your goal! That’s how I’m feeling too!

    I did not know you were a DD fan! Si is my fave, hands down. And Jase. And Miss Kay. And the fact that she keeps naming her dogs JJ (after Jesse James) and that he’s the 3rd JJ just makes me laugh so hysterically! Ha!

    • I LOVE all of them. Our favorite might be Godwin because you never know what he will say. The episode when they sank the boat….and he random said “My hands smell like taco meat” made us CRACK UP.

  5. We love duck dynasty but since we no longer have cable we have to watch it the day after!!!!

  6. Cute hair!

  7. Hey, love the new haircut, JACK!

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