It was a big week…

…to be a Hanson fan.
For real.  
Here is the crazy part: there is this subculture of Hanson fans.  We watch livestreams, we tweet like crazy, some people host blogs with tons of  photos, and there are even some who have been to 80+ concerts…but all that to say, we overconsume Hanson content like crazy.  
So, Hanson knows this and they connect with fans often.  They have spoiled us recently with several live streams (just basically broadcasted times where they play music, answer questions, or do whatever….).  They have had livestreams for the past 3 Friday evenings.  SO fun to hang out with Hanson on a Friday night.
But this week there were SO many things. My Hanson-gauge was off the charts.
Monday morning, they were on Good Morning America.
Blurry TV pic of Hanson on Good Morning America
Then Tuesday, Anthem came out!  We watched it climb to #9 on the iTunes chart!
Then Tuesday night, they played a concert in NYC…and it was broadcasted live in AXS TV.  Thank goodness Dish carries that channel! That sucker is on my DVR for eternity.
Hanson performing on AXS.
Wednesday, they had a livestream session where they answered questions (they are SO funny) and played some music.  I got some screen grabs.
I just want you to know, the stream started at 4, when I leave work.  So I connected to the stream and plugged it into my car so I could listen through the speakers.  It was supposed to go until 5, and my commute is about 25 minutes.  Of course I didn’t park in the Dollar General parking lot in town to sit and watch while it finished.  Of course not.  That would be ridiculous.  
(I may have not wanted to go home because Tyler would want to talk about our days…and I just wanted to focus on Hanson. ha!)
Wednesday night, they performed at the MTV O Awards in NYC, and it streamed online.  But the COOLEST part was they particiapted in a drumathon- 24 hours of drummers doing a drum jam session.  Zac and Taylor (on the cowbell!) played with Andrew WK and Quest Love for a while.  It was awesome. (I got this shot from a Vine video.)
Here is a video of the drumathon.  Probably my favorite thing from the week.

ZacHansonAndrewWKQuestloveDrumathonOMusicFestival2013 from Scoodly Bop on Vimeo.

So I have a feeling we will have some Hanson withdrawals like we did after Hanson Day.  All this Hanson overload this week….and now we just wait for the Fan Club EP to come out (hopefully this month!)…and then the concerts in September.  
I’m sure you know this, but I love this band.  I’m so thankful they go out of their way to connect with fans.  It’s so fun.


  1. Can I just sit here all day and watch Zac play the drums all day. OMG…..heaven. SEXY AS FUCK.

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