It’s Ok Thursday #3

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It’s Ok…

…to be aching for Saturday because I have the best Saturday planned.  Going to NWA with Tyler for some shopping, a wedding (yay for friends getting married and seeing lots of friends), and sushi.  We may even swing by Crystal Bridges to see the Norman Rockwell exhibit!

…to be the most excited about having our favorite sushi on Saturday (Kobe for you NWA folks).

…to be super strict on the diet today because of said sushi, and also because of Friday’s lunch (Slow Cooker Challenge at work! I’m entering my own version of Crock Pot Bananas Foster- recipe to come!).

…to dread boot camp in the morning.  I have worked out every day this week, but because of the previously mentioned food, I’m going to get up for boot camp tomorrow morning.  Like it, or not.

…to be SO thankful to get to spend entire weekends with Tyler now that he sold the shop.But to be a little sad that a long nap won’t go unnoticed. 🙂 ha!

…to be mad at Zumba for coming out with cute new clothes.  I want it all (and need none of it!).

It’s Thursday kids, make it a good one! 🙂


  1. Happy Thursday to you! You’ll have to let me know what you think of the Norman Rockwell exhibit. We have been to his museum in Arlington Vermont and it is so awesome! He lived there for a few years and used the townsfolk in his paintings… and so the lovely little senior citizens who give museum tours can take you to “their” work of art and you get to see how Norman drew them as a child! SO COOL!!!

    I may need to take a summer trip to Crystal Bridges. I’ve heard so much about it! Enjoy your weekend, girlie!

    • And, it wouldn’t be right if I left you just ONE comment. Would it? You know I’m cray cray.

      Can you please explain the bloglovin’ thang??? Do I have to have an account to follow you? Do I need blog lovin’? (the obvious answer is yes, but why???)

      I’m so confused and I dislike change. (durn you google reader!)

    • Google Reader is going away, so you need another feed service. BlogLovin and Feedly are two that I’ve seen others using, so I’m trying them both. There are many RSS readers, but these two are especially for blogs, I think? And both make it SUPER easy to import all your feeds in one click. So I’m trying both to see which I like. Right now, BlogLovin is in the lead just because I’m finding it easier to use. You can “follow” all your blogs with whatever reader you want, but Google Reader is going away…and BlogLovin is just one way to follow them.

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