It’s Ok Thursday #4

Linking up with Brunch with Amber for It’s Ok Thursday.

It’s ok…

…that I’m taking a “break” from working out this week. It is Spring Break, so my Wednesday evening Zumba class was cancelled…and pair that with feeling tired, bloated, and hangry this week (I love being a girl), I decided to only do Zumba this week.  No boot camp, no running.  And while I sort of feel guilty about it, It’s ok. 🙂  Back at it next week.

…to have that one person who you cringe when you see.

…to be the most excited about our anniversary getaway this weekend.  We are taking the free trip we won from the “cutest couple” photo contest….so the hotel and food is covered. Woop!

…to sort of NOT want to make any plans for our trip Saturday evening.  There is a comedy club we love in LR, but we would have to go to the 10 p.m. show, and I just don’t know that I want to be up that late. ha!

…to have my own personal coffee bar at home. 4 flavors of creamers, lots of flavors of K-cups, and 7 sugar free syrups makes me mucho happy in the mornings.

…to not want to clean our bathroom.  At all.  

…to live for the weekends.  I love my job, but the weekends are so fun!

…to wish that Tyler would get an AWESOME paying job so I could stay home.  I could be the best at watching Top Model marathons in my yoga pants every day.  Our house would be clean, for sure. Ah, dreams.

Have a lovely day, friends! 


  1. I love the “i could be the best at watching Top Model marathons in my yoga pants” line!!! i’m pretty sure i did that at the end of my pregnancy with Jonah even though I wasn’t a stay at home mom yet! 🙂

  2. Oh how I wish I could stay home. That would be glorious! Blogging, trash tv, cooking, baking, cleaning, ahhhh… sigh!

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