It’s Ok Thursday #5

It’s Ok Thursday #5

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Its ok…

…that I gained weight the first week of our weight loss contest at work. Hey, I ate REALLY good while in Little Rock this weekend. It’s a new week. 🙂 I’ll do better, I promise.

…that I’m looking forward to being home with my family for the weekend. But I’m not looking forward to driving there. It’s only a couple hours. But where is my instant human transporter? I want to snap my fingers and be there. It’s 2013 people…get on that!

…to come home and sit on the couch. Every night this week. Because I’m tired. Maybe I’ll get some wind in my sails next week. (are you seeing a “next week” theme here?)

…to be REALLY excited that my mom found a lady in her hometown selling a bunch of vintage Fiestaware. Hello hard-to-find vintage pieces!

…to spend several breaks talking with my coworkers for longer than I probably should. I really like them. And I get my work done. Don’t judge me.

…to HATE when people bring crap food to work. I feel obligated to eat it. Yes, I bring treats in too. But this week on one day, we had donuts, ice cream, cupcakes, and cake on our table. I called that area “Temptation Island.”

…to think this song is so bad it’s awesome. I can’t wait to see them in concert this summer.

…to REALLY want 3 more followers so I can say I had 200 followers before Google Reader goes away. Follow me?

…to be finished blogging for the day. 🙂

Happy Thursday!


  1. Seriously cutest puppy ever…

  2. I’m now following 🙂
    Love your blog!

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