It’s OK Thursday #7

Linking up again with Brunch with Amber for It’s OK Thursday.  I love this linkup because it’s a place to get all my random thoughts out there.

It’s ok…

…that I’m probably going to have to walk some at the 5K Saturday.  Both Amber and I have missed some runs and are behind on training. We’ll still have fun for a good cause.

…that I think sometimes people are faking it. Get over yourself.

…to not want to put the laundry away. I think I’ll move my closet to the laundry room.

..that we have 8 loaves of cinnamon bread at our house.  2 for Tyler, and the others are for Grandpa’s party on Saturday. I just want to eat them all.

…to be sad that a new Zumba routine didn’t go over well.  I really liked it.  But I gotta give them what they want…and they don’t want this one! ha!

…to be completely overwhelmed with support.  I posted a #transformationTuesday pic on Instagram and it got 71 likes and a ton of supportive comments.  So thankful that I have a cloud of supportive people around me! For inquiring minds, here is the pic:

…to be pretty excited about jean day tomorrow. It’s the little things.

Hope you have a fabulous Thursday!


  1. GIRL your transformation Tuesday picture is simply AMAZING!!!!!! While I am unlucky and can’t get my groove to the zumba moves I always give the class a good laugh when I’m walking the indoor track : ) You are truly an inspiration to to others with that picture!!!!

    I’m training for a 5k as well but it’s not until September!

  2. Love these ‘it’s ok posts’ and jean day sounds amazing 🙂

  3. Amazing transformation pic, Britt– you look great! It’s definitely ok to walk during your 5k, I do! I have a 10k coming up on Memorial day weekend and I have yet to train and I have a foot injury so I will be doing plenty of walking.

    the Sassy Fit Mom

    P.S. I like your new blog header.. it is new right? I normally read from google reader so I may be late on the header ..LOL.

  4. You look amazing. I wish I had your motivation and will power. Keep it up! I’ve never heard of cinnamon bread. What is it? Sounds like it may be rather tasty. I’m new to your blog and love new bloggers as well as those who read and comment and not just follow. Hope “Its Ok.” that I follow you and all. You can check me out and my “Its Ok” post at It’s not as good as yours tho. Sorry but its ok. 😀

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