It’s Ok Thursday #8

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It’s ok…

…to let some relationships die.  If I pull away, let it go.  Some things don’t need an explanation or finality.

…to be THE MOST excited about eating at Los Cabos in Tulsa Friday night.  I love Mexican food with all my heart.

…that I might stop and shop in Tulsa on my way home.  After the Color Run, I’m showering at Tyler’s cousin’s house…and I might have to stop at a couple stores I’ve been eyeing onine.

…that I just can’t give up caffeine.  I keep trying, but I just love a good cup of coffee, especially in the evenings after dinner.

…that I cried a little when I opened my mail yesterday and saw this card from my best friend asking me to be her Matron of Honor!  Of course I said yes! (and I brought the card to work to hang it up! so cute!)

…to think this is hilarious. These Kid Snippets are kid interactions, acted out by adults.  So funny. “I want a person that cook..a person who can massage my feet…and a person who can keep the house clean.”  Amen, sister.

…that I’m using 1.5 vacation days for Hanson. 🙂  1/2 day for Hanson Day and a full day for the concert in September. Good use of the vacation days.

…to be apathetic to some people. I’ll let someone else deal with them. ha!

…to be READY for the weekend.

Be blessed today, loves! Happy Thursday!


  1. I love the first one- “Some things don’t need an explanation” I think thats a girl thing, we need reasons for when sometimes there just isn’t one!

  2. Love these posts! Have I said that already? ha!

  3. I agree completely on the relationships. I had to let go of a few negative relationships the past couple of years, and I am so glad. I think “some things don’t need an explanation” could apply to it sometimes too 😛

    I agree on caffeine! Had over the coffee and watch out people!

    • Thanks for reading, Kalee! Negative relationships are the worst. Sometimes it is just easier to let them slip away then explain it all. I think it’s perfectly fine. 🙂

  4. Hanson day. 2nd person I’ve seen on blog to admit they like Hanson. Isnt that May 6th. or am I wrong? I liked hanson back when I was 13 never went to a concert tho. and now a days they are still rocking out. Heck Taylor had 5 kids before the age are 30. Are we talking about the same Hanson group that I’m thinking about? MmmBopin out of here. 😀

  5. Would you hate me if I ask who Hanson is?? Yikes…

    • I won’t hate you! They are the guys who sang “MMMBop” back in the 90s….the kids with long hair. 🙂 They continued to make music, mostly on their own record label…so independent-ish stuff. Their music is REALLY good – sounds like a mix of rock and roll with 60s soul. You should check out some of the videos I posted before…or just YouTube “Get the Girl Back” (their new single). It isn’t rap, but you might like it. 🙂

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