I’ve Got Some Brand New Shoes

I’ve Got Some Brand New Shoes

I love this song by She and Him. (“Brand New Shoes”)

But this post isn’t about that….it’s about running shoes! ha!

I got a pair of Saucony running shoes last year at Academy.  They were great.  I went back to get another pair, and found them on clearance…so I bought two pair!

I have since transitioned through the second pair.  I wore them running and to boot camp for many months.  But my feet were starting to hurt again.  Ugh.  When will this end? Turns out, it’s nothing a new pair of shoes will fix. 🙂  I switched to the new pair, and I’m brand new!  I haven’t run outside since April, but I was able to do almost 2 miles straight (even though in the last pair on the treadmill I could go about 10 minutes without pain) because my feet didn’t hurt.  I hate shelling out $$ for running shoes, but it makes all the difference.

What type of shoes do you wear to run in?  I’ll be on the lookout for my next pair…

And I don’t get all political here, but maybe these might be contenders? ha!  Apparently the shoes Wendy Davis wore to filibuster in are getting high ratings on Amazon. Too funny! I mean, regardless of your political stance, if she could stand for 13 hours in those shoes, they must be good! ha!



  1. I run in 2 different shoes I rotate between my Newton Distance U shoes and my New Balance Minimus shoes (which happens be to be promoted right under this). I have a pair of Brooks Pure Cadence 2 shoes that I purchased and can’t run in and can’t return them!!!! I recommend trying to find a running specialty store around you. They can fit your feet and your stride for the perfect running shoes!!

  2. Looking forward to seeing responses to this! I am just getting into running and want to make an informed decision before I spend big bucks on shoes.

  3. I love my Saucony shoes! I rotate between two different pairs, depending on which outfit I’m wearing! Ha! Even on the treadmill, I gotta try and look cute!

    Thanks for the recommendation! They are perfect for this flat-footed girl who struggles with foot pain.

    Another great post, my friend!

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