Jazz Dance Recital

Jazz Dance Recital

The Saturday of Memorial Day weekend was Remi’s dance recital. This year, we waited to sign her up until January, because last year, she was OVER IT by recital. This year, she didn’t want it to end!

She took ballet and jazz and loved it.

She looked so beautiful, and she was so confident in her ability. I love it!

I was a backstage mom, so I was hanging out with her class during rehearsal and recital. They are a sweet group of girls. She was in class with 3 of them last year, and we go to church with the other two- so I knew all of them.

They did this adorable dance to “Moves Like Jagger.” At the rehearsal, she was all serious while dancing (and nailing her moves, to be honest), but on recital day, she was ALL smiles and performed for the crowd.

She had a big cheering section. Us, the grandmas, Caitlyn and her Aunt Tracey. We were so proud of our little dancer!

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