Job Update

God is good!
The job is going swimmingly!  I spent Monday at my desk with my coworkers reading and learning about the company and our department.  I LOVE my office.  Our whole department of 7 people is in one little office area with cubicles and all our backs face each other.  Several times during the day, we will roll our chairs over and talk to one another, or everyone turns around for a talk break or a work discussion.  The environment is wonderful.  To go from working in a lonely office by myself where I had to go interupt someone else to talk or as a question, I LOVE this environment.  
Tuesday and today (and the rest of the week) I am in training.  There is one other guy who works in my company, but in another department, also started this week.  He has 6-8 weeks of training ahead for his job….but I just need a week or so.  But I am MOST blessed by my trainer!  My trainer is Tara, a woman who goes to church with me.  Tara’s husband was a mentor to Tyler while Tyler was in high school and we are pretty close to them.  I am soooo blessed to have Tara show me the ropes and teach me.  What a HUGE blessing.
I am learning so much this week (about our company, our industry, and some other important things) and I feel so blessed to work for this company.  They are a HUGE (much bigger than I ever realized) company and have many many people who have worked there for a loooong time.  I see that as a great sign of a company that is great to work for.  I really hope I have found a career here more than just a job.  I am excited to learn my job and work hard at it.  
The environment in the whole office is great.  Our whole floor of the building is my company (the moving company wing of the big parent company) and there are everyone from marketing, sales, operations, and more on the floor….but everyone I met is so nice and friendly.  We small talk in the halls, at each other’s cubes, in the bathrooms, in the elevators.  They do work.  They work hard, but its also so personable.
I am just amazed that everything I was looking for in a job, I feel like I found.  Now I just hope I am able to learn and do MY job with excellence.  I know they are counting on me to do that!
Another big blessing happened today.  First off, I started a Zumba class at the Methodist church in Greenwood.  This class will have lots of potential.  At the same time, another aerobics instructor asked to take a class from me on Tues/Thurs….and she is going to take my 6:30 class!  This is SO great because now I will be able to still teach 2 classes on Tues/Thurs (for 4 total at the gym each week) but I will be home an hour early!  This will take effect in April…and I am so excited!  Teaching 3 classes in a row has taken its toll on my body, so I am excited to downsize that a bit.
God is so good!  My job, Zumba, everything He works for good!


  1. So glad it is going well!!!

  2. I was wondering how your first week was going and now I know. So glad things are going well and that you are loving it. God is totally So good!!

  3. SO happy for you girl!!! =) glad to hear everything is working out so well, and SO excited to hear you are working with TARA!!!! Love that woman!!!

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