The Joys of Homeownership

Last night, we had one of those “I wish I had a landlord” moments.

Our garage door wouldn’t close.  So we trekked outside.  Tyler climbed on the stepstool.  It wasn’t tall enough.  He didn’t want to drag out the ladder.  So he pulled the 4-wheeler under it and stood on the 4-wheeler!  Gotta love the redneck method!

We reset it, flipped the breaker, nothing worked.  Until I thought to manually close and reopen it.  And it worked.  Then, Tyler programmed a new remote for his Mustang…and now my car’s program won’t work.  I had to close the garage this morning and then walk around the house.  Boo.  I wish I had a landlord to take care of that.
That and the bajillion spiders that seem to be around our house.  I can’t walk outside without encountering an 8-legged enemy.  They get stepped on as long as I’m quick enough.
But I’m not so quick right now.  For whatever reason, my knee has been hurting for a few days.  I started icing it at the recommendation of my friend in Physical Therapy school, Amber (Hey girl hey!).  Hoping the ice and anti-inflammatory meds help.  Can’t afford a knee injury. 
And we spent our evening (post-homeownership issues), on the couch being pretty lazy.  I made lettuce wraps when I got home, and then I cleaned up the kitchen….but after that, we were pretty much posted on the couch.  Watching DWTS and Tyler’s favorite: Orange County Choppers Sr. vs. Jr. 
I am just glad that my husband likes “drama” reality shows like I do.  I just wish he liked the ones on Bravo as much as the ones set in motorcycle shops!
What shows do you like to watch?  Do you like to watch any shows because your husband/bf watches them?  I NEVER would have watched this show without Tyler…but I kinda don’t hate it.  🙂


  1. Right now we have a broken toilet in the guest bath, a stopped up sink in the girls’ bath, and a hose that has come loose from the dryer. It all happened at once. Ha! Mike can fix it all, the last few days have just been busy. We only have netflix, but on there we like How I met your Mother, American Pickers, Downton Abbey, 30 Rock, and documentaries. Mike does pay for a subscription, so if there is a Braves game on, we watch that. Gotta see Chipper in his last season! Oh, and I used to watch Orange County Choppers. I had a crush on Paulie. 🙂 Mike bought me one of their t-shirts for Christmas one year.

  2. I like how guys do the “stand back and stare at it” before they fix something. Ha! I know what you mean about spiders — they are everywhere in our house and it makes me so mad everytime I see one! I sprayed the house really well last weekend and I haven’t seen any so far this week. Uuuggh, I hate spiders!

  3. I hate those “I want a landlord” moments! Oh adulthood 🙂 As for TV, Eric is really into The Walking Dead. Obsessed. Do you know this show? It’s about Zombies. Yes, zombies. After months of trash talk, I finally watched the first season with him…and I’m quite a fan. oops. But I’m pretty sure I’m never going to pull him into liking Keeping Up With The Kardashians or Army Wives… what a shame.

    • Ha! The thought of Eric or Tyler watching the Kardashians is really funny to me. We aren’t into Zombie movies, so we never watched The Walking Dead. I dunno about that one….

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