Jump Start

Last night at Zumba, one lady said “I wish January 1 was here…I’m ready to start my New Year’s Resolution.”

I laughed and said, “Why do you have to wait?”

We kept talking and she has quite a bit of weight to lose, but was just waiting for the unofficial start of January 1.  Well I challenged her and my other ladies (and myself) to let today, December 1, be the start.  Let’s start 2012 5-10 pounds lighter than we are now!

We talked about how we might do this with the holidays upon us.  Pot lucks, cookie parties (one of which I’m throwing), family gatherings, Christmas parties, and much more will tempt us and make it easy to say “I’ll start after the holidays!”

But we devised a plan.  See at those parties, gatherings and temptations, we are going “Just Two It”   This means that when we see a spread of unhealthy foods, we will allow ourselves two things.  Two cookies.  Or maybe two glasses of wine.  Or maybe a serving of chips and dip and a cookie.  But only two things.  We aren’t depriving ourselves at these gatherings.  We are simply selecting two things we very much want, and stopping at two.  Two HAS to be better than eating 2 of EACH thing!  I think by eating healthy (I will personally be calorie counting and aiming for 1300-1800 calories a day and cycling through that range) and then doing a small splurge when faced with the challenge, we can all make it through this month better off than when we started.

I’m in.  Some of my Zumba ladies are in.  Are you in? 


  1. this sounds like a good plan! i think i will try and use the “just two it” this Christmas! =) great idea!!!

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