Just Breathe….

For whatever reason, this season of life has been stressful.  Lots of little things (which I KNOW there are bigger problems out there….but for this little fish, these hooks seem to keep snagging me). 

Tyler isn’t working.  He has applied for *gulp* the police department.  Enter worries about getting a job and what that job would entail.

My parents just moved.  Enter new normals.

My job has taken some interesting twists.  Enter adjustments.

I’ve been trying hard to get back on track with diet and exercise.  Enter stress trying to meal plan, count calories, and find time to work out.

I’ve been doing TONS of fun stuff which means I’m gone on the weekends.  Enter freak outs because my house is a mess.

Lots of little things. I have to flip my focus.

I’m thankful we have a loving marriage with lots of communication.  I’m thankful my job provides enough to get by in this season. 

I’m thankful my parents moved here.  I’m thankful for our close relationship. 

I’m thankful for my job and my wonderful coworkers. 

I’m thankful for my health and the ability to improve it.  I

‘m thankful for lots of fun friends and opportunities. I’m thankful for my mess, it means we live in our home.

But I keep having to take deep breaths. Slow breath in, hold it for a second, long breath out.   Remember that while sometimes it feels like I’m barely swimming in my ocean, I have a God who is a constant life preserver.  Who is just making sure that in the midst of the crazy, I reach for Him.  Deep breaths.  Just keep swimming.


  1. I’m here, whenever you need me, just call…”and I’ll be there, with my bare back, to carry you there” 🙂

  2. I am thankful for YOU, friend! Praying for you hard during this season of your life.

  3. As the daughter of a police officer, I was worried every time Dad went to work pretty much from birth to when he retired about six years ago. There were some scary days – especially when there was a factory shooting and – I later found out – he was the first one to run into the building. It all worked out, though. The worst thing that ever happened to him was when his knee gave out while he was chasing a burglar. And he did get bit by a mental health hospital patient pretty badly once. But overall, his guardian angel did a great job, and he was never seriously hurt, and he never had to shoot anybody else, either.

    I totally get the anxiety, though.

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