Just for Today

Just for Today

Yesterday, I saw that one of my favorite health/weight loss/lifestyle bloggers Andie Mitchell from Can You Stay for Dinner had done a TEDx Talk.  I watched it (yes, it’s 20 minutes long, but has some GREAT insight).

My favorite thing that she said was when she felt FED UP with the fact that this journey feels like it will go on forever.  That sometimes it feels overwhelming to think about the next six months of being strict to lose the weight.  But she said to ditch all that overwhelming feeling, and focus on today.  Can you make good choices today?  Can you give the effort today?  JUST for today?  Just get through today.  Can you not binge today?  Can you choose the healthy choice today?  Don’t worry about tomorrow, this weekend, your vacation, anything.  Just do it today.

I love that.

Listen to Andie’s talk.  She gets it.

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