Karmin #PulsesTour

Last night, Lauren and I jaunted to Tulsa to see Karmin!  (No, not 80s male Carmen.  Karmin – amazing pop duo!).
We left after work, and decided to try the restaurant in the middle of Guthrie Green- Lucky’s on the Green.  It was different.  You ordered at this ATM looking machine…

While we waited, we watched a yoga class going on in Guthrie Green.  I love Tulsa. 

The food was good.  I got a lamb and shrimp burger…and now I must make lamb burgers at home. 

At first we were sad because we thought our favorite sweet shop, Glacier Confections closed at 6 (and we didn’t get to Tulsa until just after 6…), but we drove by and saw it was open!  So…we had a few chocolates for dessert!  If you go, I HIGHLY recommend the Limoncello white chocolate truffle. 

We got to Cain’s Ballroom (which is SO historic and cool and just feels like music church to me)…and got  a great spot.  Karmin is still new-ish, so the crowd wasn’t huge.  And it was mostly annoying high schoolers, so we felt old. 

The opening act was Bonnie McKee.  Not really a fan…but we did catch a homemade with sharpie on a Walmart t shirt, which we gave to the girls behind us. 

And I’m not sure why, but during Bonnie’s song “American Girl” a big heart came out and waved an American flag. ???

Then Karmin came out.  I wish I had known more of the songs off the new album (it’s only a month old)….but they were awesome.  They were true musicians, and SO into their performance.  I’ve really never seen two people give more on stage than they did. 

Nick played the trombone, the keyboard, the drum, sang, rapped, and danced around.  So talented. 

And Amy…well she’s amazing. There are no words. ha!

We got home late (like 1 a.m. late!), but I’m feeling good and ready to tackle today.  It was TOTALLY worth the trip and the late night to see them live. 


  1. Hey! I’ve never heard of them- but I will definitely look them up. Love the chocolate recommendation! I will definitely try that if I’m ever that way.

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