Keep it positive….

Well, I love musicals. I saw Legally Blonde the Musical with my mom and bestie Alden this past summer, and there is a great song in there called “Keep it Positive” Now, this song is just about Elle staying positive when Warner leaves her for the snotty Vivienne….and its just about how Vivienne is a snot and Elle is hot. So, really that song has nothing to do with the following post…but its a good, catchy song. And on to the stuff that matters…

Yesterday was pretty stinky. I woke up with a terrible sore throat and sinus junk. My computer in my classroom wasn’t working properly. It was slower than molasses, and I just felt “off” teaching. I went to Zumba, but could hardly breathe and had just taken sinus meds, so I hardly had the air or the energy to do the class. The meds made me almost lose my focus and coordination. My evening class drug on and on and I felt unprepared and was called out for it. It was just an ugly day.

But today, I’m going to keep it positive. Your attitude is determined by you. So mine is determined by me (see how that works?!?) I’m counting my blessings and keeping a smile on my face today. And really, I should have done that yesterday in the midst of all the yucky…but hindsight is 20/20.

So…today I am thankful for:
-my wonderful Tyler. He made me laugh and feel better last night. He leaves his laundry all over my apartment…and never closed the dryer once he gets stuff out, but he is pretty stellar and makes me feel better anyday.
-Medicine. When I don’t feel good, some brainy scientist guy figured out what will make it better.
-Comfy shoes. Yeah, awesome girly heels are great…but I’ve worn uncomfy shoes for the past 3 days…so today I’m thankful for tennis shoes.
-Heat. It suddenly got cold again, and I’m so thankful I can just flip a switch and be warm.

Though I am thankful for so much more, that will do for now. Hope you can keep it positive and count your blessings when your day is stinky.

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