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So I’ve been teetering between a couple different kitchen design ideas. We have our kitchen layout set….but as far as cabinet colors and color schemes, I’m torn.

When we first started house planning, I found this picture somewhere on the Internet and I fell in love. We are taking several elements of this kitchen for our own.

We are doing the half wall with the sink and dishwasher into the living room. We are also hoping to do the ceiling cut out with the light fixture over the island. I also love the glass cabinets on the island.

I love the color scheme in this, but we looked at the antique white cabinets in Lowe’s, and the samples are already showing tons of wear. We are worried they won’t hold up.

So I started playing online with some ideas we liked at Lowe’s…and got this:Lighter wooden cabinets, with dark tops, and brownish walls with black trim. I like the warmth the brown walls bring, and the contrast of the dark countertops with the oak/walnut cabinets.

The sample is basically our kitchen layout, except our island will be solid.

Any info on the white cabinets from experience or friends’ houses? Which colors do you like better? The light on light…or the light and dark?


  1. I love love love the antique white cabinets, and that kitchen is beautiful! Yes, they show dirt and smudge marks more but are easily cleaned. In my first house I refinished the cabinets from wood to white and would just wipe them down when I cleaned the kitchen weekly with some Clorox wipes. Easy Peasy. Either option you choose will look great though!

  2. I have antique white cabinets. This is my experience. I have three children and when I get on my knees to clean on “their” level, it is not so pretty. Being a busy mom and working part-time I do not enjoy cleaning that much, but want my house to look good. So, I say, if you are a cleaner, go for it. I know children are not an issue right now, but if this is “the house” you will be in forever, then you have to consider it. Hope it helps!! I enjoy reading all about your house! It is going to be beautiful!!

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